Qashqai “Diggin Dirt” for the first Nissan Qashqai Challenge Open in Milan

Milan, April 23rd – On Monday 500 m/3 of dirt have been delivered to the Parco Sempione in Milan for the first Nissan Qashqai Challenge event. Within two days the course designers have created a little moon landscape with huge dirt jumps, which are getting ready for the action. The park visitors are passing and wondering what will happen there, they might not know yet. But on April 25th and 26th Parco Sempione, right by the old soccer stadium, will be the place to be not only for the spectators, but also for the best and most ambitious riders for the first Nissan Qashqai Challenge Open 2008.

Qashqai - Auf geht's zur ersten Runde!

In total 40 riders from 13 countries – ranging from Puerto Rico to Slovenia – are about to give their best on a nice shaped dirt track. The construction is ongoing these days. Markus Hampl already built last year’s Nissan Qashqai Challenge dirt course. But this time the jumps will be even bigger: An about six meters high roll in will secure the needed speed for the 100 meters long line consisting of four huge sized doubles. The first gap will provide the most airtime and the highest amplitude. Seven meters from the take off to the landing will give the attending progressive young riders the opportunity to show their hardest rocking tricks in front of numerous yelling spectators.

Qashqai - Auf geht's zur ersten Runde!

Qashqai - Auf geht's zur ersten Runde!

Following riders are up to get the challenge started:
Andi Brewi AUT
Niki Leitner AUT
Geoff Gullevich CAN
Kurtis Sorge CAN
Mitchell Chubey CAN
Damjan Siriski CZE
Robin Chauvin FRA
Cyril Cabiac FRA
Christopher Hatton FRA
Yannick Granieri FRA
Alexander Etzold GER
Amir Kabbani GER
Andi Wittmann GER
Benny Korthaus GER
Marius Hoppensack GER
Rob Jauch GER
Umberto Nattino ITA
Giacomo Bisi ITA
Nick Pescetto ITA
Mads Andre Haugen NOR
Trond Hansen NOR
Pedro Marrero Puerto Rico
Igor Putera SLO
Mischa Breitenstein CH
Pascal Breitenstein CH
Anton Gustavson SWE
John Alm Högmann SWE
Martin Söderström SWE
Linus Sjöholm SWE
Lance McDermott UK
Mike Smith UK
Ricky Crompton UK
Sam Pilgrim UK
Sam Reynolds UK
Adam Hauck USA
Alex Reveles USA
Andrew Taylor USA
Phil Sundbaum USA
Ryan Howard USA
Tyler McCaul USA
Brian Miller USA

Qashqai - Auf geht's zur ersten Runde!

If you are not able to join the Nissan Qashqai Challenge Open event this year in the beautiful Parco Sempione, then you should turn on your computers and watch the first competiton of the world’s biggest freeride series LIVE on Freecaster.
Just go to:

You can get all the newest pictures, videos and results on Sunday visiting:

Qashqai - Auf geht's zur ersten Runde!


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