Bauarbeiten in Madrid für Qashqai Street Contest


Jeff Lenosky and his team of builders are working steadily on the Madrid street
course, preparing a challenging and versatile course to challenge the Qashqai

The street course in Madrid is like nothing the riders have ever seen before.
Instead of polishing the landings of each jump, the raw urban settings have
been left untouched—meaning that some of the landings for the riders
are staircases and hard concrete transitions!

Qashqai - Bauarbeiten in Madrid für Qashqai Street Contest

Lenosky will be challenging the world’s best mountain bikers (and their
bikes) to ride the hard concrete obstacles that he is known for conquering.
The riders will have to throw tricks while they are gapping over staircases,
handrails and hitting spines made of large concrete pipes.
Qashqai - Bauarbeiten in Madrid für Qashqai Street Contest

The Qashqai Urban Challenge course in Madrid is set at the base of the Picasso
building downtown. The course is unique because it snakes through the central
area of multiple buildings, so spectators will be treated to the world’s
best riding no matter what area they are standing in.

The invited riders to the Madrid stop of the Qashqai Urban Challenge are anxious
to hit the course. Street is the main discipline of riders like Adam Hauck,
and after seeing the photos and video from the past two Qashqai events, he
is keen to get in on the action. “This course is dope and there are secret
sniper lines all over. It’s definitely not going to be a three-trick

Qashqai - Bauarbeiten in Madrid für Qashqai Street Contest


The specialist riders for Madrid are as follows:

1. Adam Hauck
2. Phil Sundbaum
3. Lluis Lacondeguy
4. Wayne Goss
5. Dylan Korba
6. Jeff Lenosky
7. Kyle Ebbett
8. Benny Korthaus
9. Chris Ackrigg
10.Eric Porter

Qashqai - Bauarbeiten in Madrid für Qashqai Street Contest

The course will be completed by Thursday, just in time for the riders
to walk through it and prepare for practice and qualifying on Friday. The Madrid
stop of the Qashqai Urban Challenge begins officially at 10am on Friday morning
with practice for the riders, followed by the first round of qualifying on
Friday afternoon. Saturday morning will be the second round of qualifying,
followed by the final round which determines who will be the most urbanproof
rider in Madrid.
Qashqai - Bauarbeiten in Madrid für Qashqai Street Contest

The tour riders have made it through two stops of the Qashqai Urban Challenge,
and the Madrid event will continue to test their versatility in another urban
environment. Paul Basagoitia is currently leading the overall points race,
but anything could happen in Madrid!


Qashqai Urban Challenge Overall Standings:

1. Paul Basagoitia (USA) 35pts.
2. Darren Berrecloth (CAN) 32pts.
3. Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP) 29pts.
4. Lance McDermott (UK) 25pts.
5. Greg Watts (USA) 24pts.
6. Ben Boyko (CAN) 23pts.
7. Brandon Semenuk (CAN) 19pts.
8. Kyle Strait (USA) 17pts.
9. Cameron McCaul (USA) 15pts.
10. Christopher Hatton (FRA) 14pts.
Visit the Qashqai Urban Challenge website (
with information about each city, the events, rider bios about the invited
tour riders, results and rankings. Videos of the action can also been viewed
on from the Newcastle and Milan stops of the Qashqai Urban Challenge.


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