„Make it Work“ Teaser

ANTIPressemitteilung von ANTI:

ANTI newest mountainbike video, Make It Work, is finally here! After working over a year on this project, ANTI Productions has now finished there second mountainbike video. ANTI is proud to deliver a product of high international quality that can compete with any high-budget feature out there!

The video is shot in HD with the biggest names in freeriding! We´ve documented freeride-, racing- and dirt-sessions, in Norway, USA, Germany and Austria with international riders like the hyper-active Cameron McCaul, the spanish fly´s Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy, and multiple norwegian downhill champion Emil Carlsson, and of course ANTI teamriders Niels Windfeldt and Trond G. Hansen. There is also special appearances by Kyle Strait, Taylor Sage, Cameron Zink, Kirt Voreis, Jamie Goldman, Greg Watts, Darren Berrecloth, Ben Boyko, Paul Basagotia, Lance McDermott, Grant Fielder, Brandon Semenuk, Timo Pritzel, Aaron Chase, Carter Holland, Andreas Braaten and Dennis Magnus-Andresen.

We can promise you one the most entertaining, mountainbike freeride movies of the year, that we guarantee will get pumped to go out and ride!


Link: http://www.antibikes.com

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