Streets of London

Qashqai The season finale for the 2008 Nissan Qashqai Challenge is here with the world’s best mountain bike freeriders gearing up for a showdown in London. This Saturday the world’s top 30 riders will be fighting for the overall series title and the sport’s biggest cash prize. This is being held at one of the nation’s most popular art galleries, Tate Modern.

Big things are planned for the grand final course in London, more information will follow later this week. There will be something for everyone; a live DJ spinning urban beats will accompany some of the world’s most famous professional mountain bike freeriders defying gravity over demanding jumps.

Qashqai  - Streets of London
Lance McDermott mal nicht beim Frontflip.

The top 5 finishers from Munich: Martin Soderstrom, Trond Hansen, Brandon Semenuk, Lance McDermott, and Paul Basagotia are within reach of the overall title and will be giving everything they have to take home mountain biking’s biggest cash pay out.

The Atherton brothers from Wales, best known for their World Cup downhill and 4X racing are also set to compete in the grand final in London. Five of the 30 riders in the line-up are English, with three in the top 11 overall; Grant Fielder, Lance McDermott, and Sam Pilgrim.

Qashqai  - Streets of London
Sam Pilpgrim beim Backflip.

30 riders on the start list:
Darren Pokoj AUS
Andi Brewi AUT
Brandon Semenuk CAN
Kurtis Sorge CAN
Mitchel Chubey CAN
Mischa Breitenstein CH
Damjan Siriski CZE
Andreu Lacondeguy ESP
Christopher Hatton FRA
Amir Kabbani GER
Andi Wittmann GER
Benny Korthaus GER
Trond Hansen NOR
Bartek Obukovicz POL
Martin Söderström SWE
Dan Atherton UK
Gee Atherton UK
Grant Fielder UK
Lance McDermott UK
Sam Pilgrim UK
Adam Hauck USA
Alex Reveles USA
Andrew Taylor USA
Cameron McCaul USA
Cameron Zink USA
Greg Watts USA
Jamie Goldman USA
Phil Sundbaum USA
Paul Basagoitia USA
Tyler McCaul USA

Qashqai  - Streets of London
Die spanische Fliege beim Superman.

Tate Modern is the national gallery of international modern and contemporary art. Located on the banks of the River Thames in London, it is one of a family of four Tate galleries in the UK.

The museum will provide an exciting location for the urban freeriding challenge. As some of the world’s best mountain bikers compete in a unique freeride course the Nissan QASHQAI-sponsored Street Art exhibition, featuring work from some of the most pioneering street artists, will be unveiled.

Qashqai  - Streets of London
Trond Hansen bei einem stylischen 360 one foot tabletop.

General admission to Nissan Qashqai Challenge Grand Final is free. If you are not able to make it to the event, you can watch the competition LIVE on Freecaster at:

You can also get the pictures, video, and results at:

Qashqai  - Streets of London
Martin Soederstroem beim Tailwhip.


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