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Nissan Qashqai Challenge – Bilder, Filme und Resultate

Qashqai The 2008 Nissan Qashqai Challenge is in the books with plenty of surprises at the grand final to shake up the overall standings. The local boys stole the show in London, firing up the 50,000 spectators right in front of Tate Modern, one of the nation’s most popular art galleries. Colchester’s Sam Pilgrim took the win for the biggest result of his career, and Manchester’s Lance McDermott’s consistency scored him the overall title and the sport’s largest cash purse!

nissan qashquai challenge nqc
Übersicht über das Spektakel. Mal ein etwas anderer Austragungsort.

A sporadic head wind picked up during the qualifying and affected some of the results. Two of the top three riders going into London, Martin Soederstrom and Brendan Semenuk failed to qualify for the final. This left the door open for some of the riders who didn’t place as well in Munich, and had an impact on the overall results.

Qashqai  - Bilder, Filme und Resultate aus London

In the finals young Sam Pilgrim chalked the highest score of the day and lit the place up with a very confident set up to a tailwhip, huge 360, back flip one-footed x-up, finishing with the biggest flair of the day from the left quarter to the dirt landing. Benny Korthaus moved into second with an x-up, to one-handed 360 tabletop, backflip, clean 360 tailwhip, and downside foot plant on the battle ship sub box. Lance McDermott put himself into the top three and overall winner with an E.T. to tuck no hander, back flip into a front flip finishing with a clean flair on the right quarter pipe. Phil Sundbaum had two clean 360 tailwhips in two runs and Paul Basagoitia rode very well for 5th on the day.

Qashqai  - Bilder, Filme und Resultate aus London
Darren Pokoj Indian Superman Seatgrab

Lance McDermott’s 4th place in Munich and 3rd place in London was enough to win him the overall title and the grand prize of 40,000 Euros. Benny Korthaus took second place overall with a 6th in Munich and 2nd in London only one point behind McDermott and earned himself 25,000 Euros. Norway’s Trond Hansen finished in the 3rd overall position with a 2nd in Munich and 7th place in London and took home 12,500 Euros.

Qashqai  - Bilder, Filme und Resultate aus London
Paul B. 360

Paul Basagoitia was 4th overall with two 5th place finishes, and Sam Pilgrim rounds out the top 5 overall with an 11th and 1st place.

The 2008 edition of the Nissan Qashqai Challenge was a huge success, and there are big plans for 2009. Thanks to everyone who made the event such a great series.

London Results:
2. Benny Korthaus GER SPECIALIZED
3. Lance McDermott GBR SCOTT
4. Phil Sundbaum USA HARO
5. Paul Basagoitia USA KONA
6. Darren Pokoj AUS FELT
9. Jamie Goldman USA SANTA CRUZ
10. Cam McCaul USA TREK
11. Kurtis Sorge CAN GIANT
12. Mitchell Chubey CAN NSMB.COM

Overall Results:
1. Lance McDermott GBR SCOTT
2. Benny Korthaus GER SPECIALIZED
4. Paul Basagoitia USA KONA
6. Phil Sundbaum USA HARO
7. Jamie Goldman USA SANTA CRUZ
8. Martin Soederstrom SWE COLORBIKES
9. Brandon Semenuk CAN TREK
10. Kurtis Sorge CAN GIANT
12. Andreu Lacondeguy ESP KONA

The competitions were broadcasted LIVE on Freecaster at:

You can also get the pictures, video, and results at:


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